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Dear Reader! The main idea of the present project "Philosophical Resources in Internet" is support for search and creation of philosophical resources in Internet. For the present, Russian experts in the humanities are not making extensive use of Internet resources, in part, for lack of information resources specialised in the field of humanistic knowledge which would help to find necessary information and/or to post materials in Internet. It is especially characteristic of philosophy. In this context, we have determined the following aspects of the present project:

  • First - creation of a guide to philosophical resources of Internet as a list of annotated reference.
  • Second - publication of materials which relate to philosophy prepared by research institutes, groups and individual authors.

The present project includes a section which can be classified as WWW-pages named "Directories", "Guides" or "Reference Lists". The authors do not think that the whole range of Internet philosophical resources has been covered by the present project - a number of thorough directories are available which does not need to be duplicated in the Russian language. The task of this site is to reflect that spectrum of possibilities which Internet opens to philosophers and also to prepare the way for further travel to WWW by means of hyperlinks.

One of the sections of our directory is devoted to Russian philosophical resources and can be used by foreign researchers who will need information about Russian philosophy, Russian philosophers and philosophical institutes of the Russian Federation. You can see the English version of this directory on the page:

"Russian philosophical resources"

To the extent of the second aspect, we think to post materials given by philosophical institutes, groups and individual researchers.

The structure of the Russian pages of the project is as follows:

  • "Philosophy in WWW" where you will find a directory of links to various philosophical resources of Internet. Each reference has a short annotation. See English version - "Russian philosophical resources".
  • "Philosophical Pages" where you will find materials sent by individual authors, creative groups and seminars: articles, information about monographs, materials of seminars, conferences etc., "home pages" of philosophers, creative groups, seminars (N.B. You are welcome! Your materials can be also published so please write letters).
  • "Search Advice" where you will find a small "textbook" devoted to how to seek Internet information about philosophy (by using our project, in particular).
  • "Search with Hippias" where you will find a form of Hippias search machine specialised in search of philosophical resources.
  • "On the Project" where you will find information on the present project, its authors, latest updates, readers' opinions, our banner etc.
  • "Add a New Link" where you can add a new link to the pages of the present project. You can use form or e-mail to add your link. If you are sending details of a new site, please include the info about: site name, maintainer's name, brief description of site.
  • "Acknowledgements" where you will find our "Thank you" to all who helped us to realise the present project.
  • "Our Address" where you will find our e-mail addresses.

We hope that the present project will be useful for a wide range of people dealing with philosophy. The authors believe that this project will help not only Russian philosophers to find necessary information in Internet but it will also help foreign researchers to find information about Russian philosophical resources. The authors thank those who have created philosophical resources in Internet, whose sites have been included in the present list of references and hope that the project will find approval and support. All forms of "feedback" are welcome. Every message (new links, comments and remarks) will be considered favourably.

Creation date: 20.06.99
Last update: 30.10.99
Copyright c Исхаков Р., Багаутдинов А.